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There have been many researches to find the percentage of children who succumb to the stress and say “I quit” in their own ways. Some become depress, some become rebellious and some stubborn.  
Reasons are quiet common in most of the cases. Either the children are not able to bear the pressure of exam or they fall down due to over expectation of their parents.

Each child is a unique and has 8 type of intelligence in different proportion. Stress happen when a child is forced to learn thing which do not correspond well with the level of intelligence which is high in his mind. For an example, a child whose neurons are strong in Musical Intelligence is force to judge with Mathematical numbers in his career, fall short of the expectation and become depressed. To overcome such situation crucial inputs with scientific base can help in consulting and guiding the children well.

Our scientifically proven technique which is known to help the children of all ages is D.M.I.T.(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). It comes out with fantastic result which clearly tells where the strengths and weakness of the child. This test identifies the problem and provides cure.

So before your children say’s “I quit”, try this test to discover your child’s hidden talent and potential. Show him/her the direction where he/she can be successful with minimal efforts and lead a happy life.

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