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VIVEKANANDA GENIUS BRAIN & RESEARCH FOUNDATIONTM (ISO 9001: 2015 certified) Trust, West Bengal, is an educational organization which brings a meaningful transformation and a positive changes in high quality after school programs for young children.

The prime aim of “Vivekananda Genius Brain & Research Foundation” is explore the child’s hidden talent and potential and helping them to achieve their goals in life by proper utilization of their own brain potential. As we know “Today’s children is To-morrow’s future” and make them to grow up to be responsible citizen.

Bring out each and every child’s hidden talent and potential.  Any child can be genius, if only the right method is used and every child has a right to grow rich and become GENIUS.

To create world’s largest meditative GENIUS society through our brain ability development programs and to leave this world with much more than just our family, love, happiness & peace in everyone.

Trust is the most important factor in our value system. We believe that no relationship can be built without trust whether it is personal relationship or professional relationship. Therefore we have maintained it and will continue to maintain the trust of our participants.

Honesty is presenting what you are. We are believe that being honest may not get us lot of participants but it will get us the right ones who will keep us in lifetime forever.

Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching you.

We believe that above all we must do the right thing. We inspire trust through open and honest communication, transparency and follow through; we operate the organization legally and ethically.

Founder & Director:Mr. Ayon Haldar
Asst. Director:Mrs.Sangita Haldar &TEAM