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Dr. Howard Gardner, a renowned Scientist, Psychologist, & Educationist, professor of cognition and education at the Harvard graduate school of education and senior director of Harvard project zero. Among numerous honors, Gardner received a Mac-Arthur prize fellowship in 1981. He has received honorary degree from twenty two colleges and Universities.

In 2005 he was selected by foreign policy and prospect magazines as one of 100 most influential public intellectuals in the world. The author of over twenty books translated into twenty seven language, and several hundred articles, Gardner is best known in educational circle for his "Frames of Mind”   (‘theory of Multiple Intelligences’). Proposed in 1983, which has been widely accepted by science all over the world, and to-day there are many schools across the world which are running on the education pattern of ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligence’. He has also written extensively on creativity, leadership, and professional ethics. His latest book “Five mind for the future” was published in April, 2007.