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Midbrain Activation is the course to activate all the sense of human being. In step with the scientist studies, man most active consist of much less than 6% of his mind functionality. It is implemented more. The human brain includes the right brain and the left brain and they will feature optionally if the left brain and right brain in the balance.

Blindfold activation is a method to activate five senses (Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) and to adjust the left and right brain to activate it’s functionally, which lays within the sound mind so that the children may have the capability to do subjects with their eye closed.

This remarkable energy of the mind is called “Para-psychological capability” in technology. Each little one has this ability by using Midbrain activation. However we need to permit them to keep in mind the energy to get best blessing of the third eye.

The children can do many things with their eyes closed. It includes identifying a card, color, read a newspaper, serial number of currency note, identifying a few factor in the back of the door, playing video games on a laptop and so on.